Riding the bike

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I loved hearing Annie-B Parson talk about choreography on the Time Sensitive podcast—particularly her work over many years with David Byrne.

Parson has worked on a large number of projects in the past two or three decades, culminating in American Utopia (I saw the show when it was on its original tour, totally fascinating.)

But the most interesting part was that she now came to see all of those works as, ultimately, the same piece.

“So that’s like all one dance as far as I’m concerned because when you’re working with an artist of that caliber, you’re just on this road with them. You know what I mean? Trying to be adjacent to them in a sense. Ride the bike with them.”

It’s a fascinating way to look at the work we do with others, our teams, our collaborators. We’re all riding along, side by side, trying to stay on course for our destination.

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