Bad pants and the flow of happiness

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Being somebody of strange proportions—tall and wide, but not quite tall enough or wide enough to warrant special treatment—I have never been able to find clothes that feel right. How do people who fit their clothes feel, I wonder. What is it like to just put on a pair of trousers, or a shirt, and be comfortable?

So this quote from David Lynch in GQ hit home.

"I am searching for a good pair of pants. I never found a pair of pants that I just love. I like comfortable pants and clothes I can work in, that I feel comfortable in. I don't really like to get dressed up. I like to wear the same thing every day and feel comfortable. It's a fit, it's a certain kind of feeling, and if they're not right, which they never are, it's a sadness. You know, it interrupts the flow of happiness. I'm working on it, believe me."
(via @seanieviola)

My current uniform, established over the course of the pandemic to serve my expanding frame, and not-yet abandoned: a Carhartt heavyweight T-shirt and a pair of Topo “dirt” pants. No sadness today.

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