I help people tell stories, and sometimes I tell them myself.

Photograph: Michele Le

If you want a fancier-sounding version, here’s something for you:

Bobbie Johnson is an award-winning editor and media maker based in San Francisco, California. He is the Editorial Director at the Steve Jobs Archive.

Over more than two decades in media and publishing, he has held a variety of roles, most recently as features editor at MIT Technology Review; principal investigator and lead editor on the Pandemic Technology Project; and editor-in-chief of Anxy, a groundbreaking independent print magazine tackling the taboos of mental health.

Prior to that he was a co-founder of Matter, an online publisher specializing in longform science and technology journalism that became part of Medium in 2013, and won a National Magazine Award for reporting and numerous other gongs before its clock sadly ran out.

He cut his teeth as a technology correspondent and editor at The Guardian, and a journalist the London Evening Standard, and has been a successful freelance writer, speaker, and adviser.

Here’s his LinkedIn profile.

Bobbie was born in Cambridge, England, and raised on the council estates of East Anglia. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and son, drums badly but with great enthusiasm, and remains a lifelong fan of Chelsea FC.