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Jonathan Katz has the best piece I’ve seen about the current attempts to rewrite the history of the New York Times op-ed controversy in 2020. (You remember, the one that engulfed the paper when it published Tom Cotton’s call for federal troops to end Black Lives Matter protests? The one currently undergoing a revisionist reconstruction project which is being laundered by Semafor as a way to get attention?)

• Some people dredged up a mini piece I wrote about Twitter 15 years ago, which wasn’t the first mainstream media coverage, or even the first thing I wrote about it, but I think struck a nerve in retrospect because I called it out for being both “baffling and seemingly pointless” while simultaneously “intriguing, useful and addictive.” The need and the needlessness, all wrapped into one place.

• Absolutely struck by this Anthony Lane piece on the 100th anniversary of The Waste Land. It’s a little much in places, but “a symphony of shocks” connected with me; imagine how alien this work seemed when it arrived—and how inevitable it feels in retrospect.

• More excellence: Studs Terkel interviewing George Nakashima.

• Laurie Anderson, O Superman.

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