Things I liked this week (45)

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Weird, the Al Yankovic Story was brilliantly stupid. This is a group of people living their best life: Weird Al just having a ton of fun, Daniel Radcliffe continuing to go off. (Asked recently by a Guardian reader “Do you just tell your agent: “As long as it’s weird, I’m in?””, he replied that his approach to scripts was: “If you sit down and lecture somebody on how shame keeps us from love, that’s quite dry. But if you make it a farting corpse being used as a jetski… that’s a conversation.”)

Proper explained “why we’re still talking about gorpcore.” Never have I felt so behind the zetigeist.

• Former colleague Eileen Guo continues to trace the trail of havoc left by Washington’s hounding of Chinese-American scientists (AKA the Department of Justice’s “China Initiative.”) This time around she covers the case of Sherry Chen, the National Weather Service hydrologist who was just awarded almost $2m after being wrongfully dismissed and accused of spying for China because she used a shared password.

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