Nuanced history

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If you want to generate a reaction among nearly any British person—actually, from nearly anyone who comes from a former British colony (and by that I suppose I mean about a quarter of the planet) then all you need to do is start talking about the complicated history and legacy of the Empire. And if you want to really crank your blow-the-gasket-o-meter up, then get onto the subject of museums and statues and things that might have made their way into British hands by possibly foul means. It’s going to generate a reaction.

No matter how somebody tries to boil it down to good/bad, the reality is that it’s… history. We can’t change the actions of the past, only view them and consider what it means. It’s complicated, and I bloody love it.

I’ve just binged the entire first season of ABC’s Stuff The British Stole—a recommendation that came from 99% Invisible. It manages to tell these stories and ask these questions in a nuanced, honest, complete way and remain totally engaging all the while.

Highly recommend it.

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