Radar week 10: Murder and memoir

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• You should absolutely read this piece on the complex and secretive technological surveillance net that police in Minnesota are using in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the protests that came afterwards. (MIT Technology Review)

Things I discovered from this Tara Westover interview: She didn’t want to write another memoir. Now she’s done a lot of therapy and she is writing another memoir. Her relationship with writing is really interesting and complicated. She’s funny. But nobody who reads Educated thinks she’s funny. (Longform)

Jonathan Tjarks on dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis. I think this should touch everyone. (The Ringer)

Lavinia Greenlaw takes a look at Nico. Quoting a friend: “Even the furniture groaned out loud when she walked into the room. I had seen chairs creep across the carpet in hopes that she might sit down on them.” (London Review of Books)

This bumper sticker fest is either property of a couple you absolutely wouldn’t want to spend time with, or an individual who has a very bifurcated personality. (Twitter)

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