Radar week 9: War and empathy

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Masha Gessen has been one of my mainstay reads through the invasion of Ukraine.

• This profile of Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton walks a fine line—there’s a pang of gatekeeping outrage as it describes the weird success he’s garnered, and how he’s chosen to use it, a sort of empathy-virality-philanthropy axis which must make many fundraisers jealous. But I think it’s at its best when it is asking him to interrogate his own power.

• Dream team: Angela Chen, one of my most talented and multifaceted former colleagues, interviewed by Anne Helen Petersen, one of my go-to writers, on asexuality.

Frances Haugen on what Nick Clegg can really do to fix Facebook’s worst parts. Scale up people, be honest. I suspect none of this is palatable in Menlo Park.

At first I thought this interview with Evan Dando may be trying to be the late 90s version of Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, but in fact it is just a romp.

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