Week 33, 2020

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Books I read: Unintentionally, both my reads this week were about the ways in which men dominate women, and the ways in which rules can be made to damage people. First up was The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s probably 20 years since I read it—I was struck by how vibrant and clear it felt, and of course how much more possible everything seems now than when I read it in the glow of turn-of-the-century optimism. Next up was The Vegetarian by Han Kang, which was very different but equally mesmerising. Still processing that one.

Stories I worked on: A mixture of the short (oceans on Ceres! England’s second try at a contact tracing app!) the medium (contact tracing apps in Germany and Ireland) and the long (the lessons TikTok creators are learning! How psychiatry and big data can diagnose mental health based on the words you talk or type!)

Neguine Razaii

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