Week 31, 2020

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THIS LAST MONTH feels like things have been closing in. The limits haven’t changed, just my ambition to challenge them. Not leaving the house isn’t a temporary situation any more; it’s now the normal state—things could be happening a block or two away without me ever realizing. (In fact, they are happening without me realizing: I hit up the local news websites to discover that a new bar is opening on Haight, just a stone’s throw away, or that existing restaurants and bars are back, or that there was a significant encampment of people living in tents on our old block, just a few streets away. Meanwhile, the cafe one and a half blocks away has changed hands and is about to reopen, and I knew nothing of it.)

Documenting the weeks gets a little harder because of this and the fact that now that I’m trying to limit my time on screens outside of work. It’s not necessarily compatible with blogging more, but something’s got to give and that is it.

Anyway, I managed to read another Maigret (four books down now, 71 to go) and made my way through four of my son’s Star Wars graphic novels. How do you count graphic novels towards the total?

Stories I worked on: This podcast episode about Canada’s tech industry • EU sanctions on Russian, Chinese, and North Korean hackers • New developments in quantum cryptography.

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