Week 28, 2020

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BLESSED RELIEF came as I prepared to take a week offline to get my head back But coming on the back of two short weeks, it was a headache to get everything done that I could—so that week is this week, if you follow. Still, I managed to finish a short novel: based on John Lanchester’s recent praise of the entirety of Georges Simenon’s Maigret series, I started at the beginning to see what he enjoys so much. More to come.


My stories this week: Magazine stories that will appear in the next couple of months, so just a couple of shorts really: O’Neill on the “invisible god” hacker and Charlotte Jee on the reasons that digital contact tracing apps in Australia and France have produced so few notifications.


Things my friends have made: Alok Jha on pandemic prevention • Annalee Newitz takes to the pages of the Chronicle to look at the future of Muni.


Notebook: Lockwood on lockdown is worth reveling in • I hadn’t heard of Atari Democrats before • And I hope I never hear about Quibi ever again. • Enjoyed The Loss of Public Goods to Big Tech • Not a fan of virtual reality? Imagine if you had to wear this get-up • Lovely football lingo from around the world.

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