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World Cup of Food #5: Korean BBQ

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World Cup of Food

A few years on a visit to Seoul, I found myself stuck. It was my first trip to east Asia, and I was riding around on public transport to meet with a friend when I hit the trifecta of travel panic: I tried to use my bank cards and they got blocked; my European phone didn’t work on Korea’s networks; and I couldn’t read hangul. My resources were zero and there was little way to […]

World Cup of Food #4: American feasting

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World Cup of Food

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. It’s not pure, exactly—name me a celebration that doesn’t carry some baggage—but it is simple. Get together with people you care about, take a moment to reflect on what you’re thankful for, eat until your eyes roll around in your head. It’s very direct. No country is as in love with itself as the US is, and nothing reflects that love as much as the Thanksgiving plate. It swoons over […]